This is an image about the BlockBase entering the Jungle Test Net

BlockBase is running on EOS Jungle Test Net

Diogo Bulha - January 15, 2020

BlockBase is running on EOS Jungle Test Net! This is a big milestone on our development roadmap. We are currently focused on testing the sidechains consensus mechanism.

Each sidechain is built by a network of service providers, that collectively build the sidechain in a round-robin way, where each provider produces one block per round. Block production is synced with the main chain through the BlockBase operations contract.

When a block is produced, the service provider broadcasts the full block to its peers, and sends the block header to the smart contract. Simultaneously, the service provider proposes a multisig transaction on the main chain, to validate the block header, which will be signed by all peers that confirm the block is valid. If more than half the peers sign the transaction, then the block is confirmed.

The production, broadcasting, syncing, and validation of blocks are the main consensus functionalities of the BlockBase network. All these are subject to byzantine faults, which need to be accounted for. That’s what’s being tested right now.

We are almost ready to add the database management components, and at that time the first complete working version of BlockBase will be ready.

You should visit the BlockBase Explorer where you can find all the documentation we’re building and also the BlockBase Network Tracker , where you can monitor all the nodes and sidechains currently running on our test net.

We would also love to have you join our testing. The software is available for download on the BlockBase Node GitHub Repo.

Published by Diogo Bulha

Development Lead