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BlockBase Airgrab #5 Distribution Results

Ricardo Schiller - March 11, 2020

The BBT token distribution for Airgrab #5 will start on March the 11th. Similarly to what happened on the previous airgrab, this airgrab will include all accounts that registered on all previous airgrabs and that pass our periodic analysis. We plan to keep this distribution model for upcoming monthly airgrabs.

1,627 accounts registered for airgrab #5 from which only 988 accounts followed the airgrabbing rules of having at least one EOS unstaked or staked to CPU or NET and being at least one month old. But from these 988 accounts only 369 weren’t blacklisted by our analysis algorithms.

We also ran our improved analysis on all previously signed up accounts and detected an additional 2,036 accounts that were abusive which were also blacklisted. From 57,822 accounts that signed up since airgrab #1 we have blacklisted 33,710 accounts. This means that 58% of the accounts were deemed abusive and that only 21,817 accounts will receive tokens for airgrab #5 and future airgrabs. This number should change due to new accounts signing up and accounts being blacklisted.

If you haven't joined the airgrab yet you can do it here. To learn more about BlockBase, you should also visit the BlockBase Explorer where you can find all the documentation we’re building and also the BlockBase Network Tracker , where you can monitor all the nodes and sidechains currently running on our test net.

We would also love to have you join our testing. The software is available for download on the BlockBase Node GitHub Repo.

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