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BlockBase Airgrab #4 Distribution Results

Ricardo Schiller - February 10, 2020

The token distribution for Airgrab #4 will start on February the 10th around 8:00 EST. This airgrab and all following airgrabs will include all accounts that registered for previous airgrabs and that pass our periodic analysis. We decided to change the distribution model because we noticed a big drop on signups during the holidays at the end of 2019 that never recovered to previously registered numbers.

One possibility for this drop was the introduction of two new airgrabbing rules where an account has to have at least one EOS unstaked or staked to CPU or NET and be at least one month old to enter the airgrab. These rules were introduced on December 20th of 2019 for airgrab #3 an onwards, and we saw since then a big drop in signups from around 20k signups per airgrab to about 2k signups.

Airgrab #4 had only 2,445 accounts signing up, from which only 1,261 accounts followed the two new rules. But from these 1,261 accounts we banned 500 accounts leaving only 761 accounts left for airgrabbing.

We don’t know if these rules were in fact responsible for the drop in signups, but we plan to keep them because they help in lowering the huge number of spam accounts we were experiencing in our airgrabs.

Since the goal of this distribution model is to distribute tokens in a broad and fair way, we needed to change it to broaden the number of accounts we were distributing to. That’s why we decided to distribute to all previously approved accounts, and also because it was the simplest and most straightforward way possible.

Our account analysis has also been improving, and so we decided to run it periodically on all approved accounts to find previously missed spam accounts, which if found will be banned and won’t receive tokens on any further airgrab.

From the total number of 56,196 accounts that registered since the first airgrab, only 23,283 accounts are currently approved for receiving tokens on airgrab #4 and future airgrabs. This number will change due to new accounts signing up on future airgrabs and due to accounts being banned.

If you haven't joined the airgrab yet you can do it here. To learn more about BlockBase, you should also visit the BlockBase Explorer where you can find all the documentation we’re building and also the BlockBase Network Tracker , where you can monitor all the nodes and sidechains currently running on our test net.

We would also love to have you join our testing. The software is available for download on the BlockBase Node GitHub Repo.

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